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The Truth…. About Law and Grace
April 30, 2008, 3:23 pm
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So much confusion exists today regarding the law of God, the grace of God, and justification. The desire to justify oneself, to approve oneself before God by something we do, or something we are, is so endemic in man by nature, we have such a legal spirit, that it is so easy to be led astray on these points…. so easy to fail to see that justification, that salvation is ENTIRELY the work of God, from start to finish.

The Law Established – Part 2 – Romans 3:31

The Law Established – Part 3 – Romans 3:31

“Why…?” Colossians 2:20 15-3-09 (Ian Potts)

“True Grace” 1 Peter 5:12 18-10-09 (Ian Potts)